Missy Jubilee. 028. Membrane

Dave Nash

Hi Missy, I hope you are all well and busy on new projects, i have found time to watch a few more of your fantastically addictive releases,( i started at 37, now just watch in random order) So here are a few more "old man on the street" views....your message and purpose in your work is quite easy to understand after several plays of your films and reading your written thoughts, and i didn't think i would ever see anything so "unique" as you, even in this day and age with the whole wide world web on offer, with your music and video skills (& Max) your head full of angst and your undeniable beauty, you are able to get your message to the world, however do you think of the pain and crap other women with similar thoughts locked in there heads, unable to find a outlet without your natural advantage of a beautiful body,

This is my not very well thought out thoughts after release 28, next time i'll spend as long thinking about what i write as i do watching your work.

Your hand on heart fan


PS i know angst is not the word, and you can't help being blessed with your body.