Missy Jubilee. 037. Fantazm

Missy and Max,

Thanks for sharing your lives.

First, I'm Canadian, so I'll get the apologies out of the way right off. I'm sorry I'm not a fellow filmmaker, I would love to provide a constant stream of artistic fodder that you could draw on to crank up your films. I'm sorry I'm not a techie who can make your online life simple and effortless. I'm sorry I'm not a billionaire, because if I was you would be the first person I would sponsor... and I'm not looking for an endorsement or any kind of credit, even if I say or do something you think is valuable enough to use. (For which you have my full permission if it happens).

That said, although it's not likely to mean much to you, you're the first performer or storyteller of any kind that I have felt so strongly about that I felt it was important to tell you. Perhaps it's because I love underdogs... fighters... people who don't do the easy thing. You're doing exactly that, and even if you're not hanging it all out, you're sticking to your plan and I hope you are successful, at least that you make us all realize 'normal' is not what we've been fed. I'm livid about how repressed 'civilized' sex life has become. Still, your shout sounds like hope.

Your mind is amazing, you obviously read far more than you let on. I wonder how you manage to do all these things? Perhaps it's because you need the critical thinking in order to deal with all the people who populate your chosen world. Sneaky defense.

One thing I can't apologize for is what I do. I'm not OCD and I've never been diagnosed or committed for anything. I don't live on the edge, but I do have an eye for art and photography... and I'm a bit anal when it comes to grammar, spelling and syntax. I realize that's a passe art in the age of texting and grammar checkers, but if you nail the communication while you're slinging thought bombs, you've definitely got them where you want them. (You may have a spelling mistake on the first screen of your Patreon plea).

Suggestions? Well, yes, I probably have a few. For one, your eyes are gorgeous, and they draw your viewer more than any other activity you do (except the narrative). The coyness you exhibit when you lose and regain eye contact with the viewer works for it's purpose, you don't see that in other erotica or porn. Holding the eyes of your viewer while you do something, receiving a stroke, or going over the edge, or doing something you know they consider foreign is going to win you fans.

Good luck folks,
I hope you continue to walk over whatever stands in your way.

Ottawa, Canada