Missy Jubilee. 038. Art of Sex

Chris Gymer

If I was an art expert I might be able to deconstruct your films to work out how you do it. How you make my skin tingle, my head shake, make me bite my lip at just that moment, make me feel like I am going to cry, make me think of my own childhood, my own equivalent of the laughter in the kitchen, make me wish I had your bravery, your talent, your passion.

But what the hell, maybe I don't want to know how you do it. I just love your work.

(I include Max in this, of course).

One of the things that saddens me is that there are so many fucked up people (more fucked up than you've ever been, I think) out there who would be disgusted, appalled, shocked and outraged at what you are doing. There would be some of those who would like to stone you to death, no doubt. 

To paraphrase Voltaire, if you didn't exist it would be preferable to invent you.

Or perhaps, to copy Ian McEwan (on Christopher Hitchens), if you didn't exist, it would be impossible to invent you.

You misspelt Allen Ginsberg's first name in a quote credit.

And what was the reference to Sir Kenneth Clark? 'Words by'? Sir Kenneth Clark, art historian, of 'Civilisation' and 'The Nude'? He's one of my heroes. I was just thinking about buying the DVD of 'Civilisation' to watch it again.

As Rupert Everett says in 'My Best Friend's Wedding', 'Love to! Love the bag, love the shoes, love everything. Love to!'

Keep well, best wishes