Missy Jubilee. 035. Come


I do like Bill Hicks' definition of pornography which should be highlighted.  Porn is something with no artistic value, how could anyone claim in any of these episodes there is no artistic value?  If you want porn, go to porn hub which you can find easily by searching on google. Search vintage nude female paintings or nude female paintings and dozens of web sites pop up selling this art, how is this not pornography google? Oh because it is old classics and it is art, so if I replicate one of those paintings, is that art? 

Paypal has always been corrupt and I have been waiting for the next online money transfer site to come around.  You want to get back at them, find someone to build a better website and crush them.  It is highly illegal for them to withhold money isn't it.  If I ask you to control my money safety online, you have no right to tell me what I can spend my money on.  By taking payments and holding it is like embezzlement in my opinion.

As for the more sexual points in the episode. I totally agree there are a lot of women not in tune with their own sexuality.  I also agree that smoking pot enhances sexuality, mainly letting inhibitions go.(I know that was Sarah Silverman but she is right) Also, there are multiple medical publications that say having at least 3 orgasms a week has many health benefits. Along with helping self esteem, self confidence, reducing depression, it is also proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Enough said.