Missy Jubilee. 034. Perve 01

Dirk Gently:

Today's word of the day at www.thefreedictionary.com = 'barefaced'. How appropriate.

I often fantasise about death. Not sure if that is normal, but to me it is. I wonder if there are layers of self-destruction, from caffeine induced, nicotine alcoholism to heroin death. Hoffman was good. Too good to die. Sadly your videos have had too many obituaries and testimonies, but I guess that in a lifetime we must treat death as inevitable. Tip our hat and say 'fair enough, but now go away and stop picking on my friends and family.'

As I said before, bless you for your return to narrative. That story half-told; half a sentence. It works. You look stunning, this paradigm works for you; it feels like a confession without actually being one. The nakedness metaphor works best when describing shameful thoughts. But there is nothing shameful said or even implied, except for the note that you are 'hunting for shame'.

The visualisation of the naked walk down a crowded beach is exciting, but interestingly nude or topless beaches have a desexualising effect on most men I know. It is hard (ahem) at first; but once you have seen one pair of tits, you have seen them all (or so the saying goes). I suspect it would be the same for girls looking at a load of limp cocks. Your narrative does not make mention about how the rest of the beach are dressed. Perhaps I am over analysing. I do that.

Anyway. The point is; it is only a body, albeit one which you have taken great care of and clearly work to keep in shape. One which you (and Max) are justifiably proud of, as if the human body were the art itself. Oiled over for the desired effect (damn that gritty sand), and posed so wonderfully to capture the right glint of sun. The setting, the return to the beginning. The 'where was I?' moment in the rhetoric, has floored me. I was unsure, now I just don't know what is coming next. It will be fun to find out though.

A small nod to some shameful thoughts perhaps. 

The music was very good, I like the fact that someone is contributing that too now, but I also like your mash up thumping mixes that introduces some eargasmly good stuff. Ed Sheeran is one of my heroes. The track 'Kiss me' off his album is often missed over for the more mainstream stuff, but is uber erotic when listened to in the right circumstances.

Thank you for your work, it is all too good for this format.