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the reason why I write is simple enough - I was watching some of your films on Vimeo and I thought I had something to say.

I read your biography on your website and I felt that we are akin in many aspects. I am definitely a loner, a student of the world, trying to understand my fellow man now that I am pretty sure I understood myself. The point is that I am not ashamed of myself. People may call me a perv but I do not mind. It is a matter of perspective. I just enjoy my sexuality the way I like it. So thanks god I'm a perv.

When coming to sexuality I don't think my tastes are even so peculiar. Just I am not afraid to admit them. It has been a long time since I decided not to lie about what I like. I have no problem admitting I get hard watching your videos on Vimeo, or that I like to masturbate with them. That is part of me, and anyone who asks me will get the same honest answer. Shame is a awful disease to live with but luckily enough it is also a curable one.

I like your videos, your art. From a trivial point of view, it makes me horny. And that means a lot to me. I firmly believe that sexuality is the core of every individual and there is no way to really know anyone without really knowing their deepest sexual tastes. Sexuality is what drives us; it's what we are. As a writer myself (not a serious one though - I just write erotica for fun) I deeply understand your battle to make the brain count as a sexual organ more than the only eye.

However, there is something on which I disagree with you. I do like some hardcore porn, if it is properly done. Sometimes I like them being very explicit, and doing weird things. Because if they push further and further sometimes it happens they get to the things that I, as a uniquely built perv, really like. Sometimes, when I write, I like to be explicit and hardcore myself. Sometimes not. It's always a matter of doses. Not too much of neither one.

I hope you found what I had to say interesting enough to finish reading.

Now it's time for me to go on watching your videos and start masturbating.

Take care,