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Jim Burr


You may find this synchronicity amusing:

The very first time I met Frank, and performed on stage with him, there were live chickens involved.

We had a mutual friend Matt, performing at the Dada Festival as Extreme Elvis. Matt had me as a plant in the audience to come up on stage when he called for a volunteer to answer random questions and sing a duet with him.

The performance was titled "Love Me (Chicken) Tenders". I held the microphone while Matt reclined in a La-Z-Boy chair nearly nude, had chicken feed poured over his body, followed by live chickens placed on his torso.

Frank rolled out in his wheelchair to join us on stage, and then Matt and I began singing "Love Me Tender".

At first having live chickens only inches away was a bit frightening. I relaxed into it, though, and became 

immersed in a feeling of universal blessing, filled with love for the chickens, for the audience, for all life.

Sometimes for me, all distinctions fade, and there is nothing but love. That was one of those nights. After

our performance, I was introduced to Frank, and within a month began studying shamanism with him.