Hi Missy and Max,

Well, do I like it? It's whimsical and fun, just as the pre-release script feels.

Okay, here's the one thing I thought I'd never say.... "I plan to get better every time." This one seems to be bucking the trend.

I watched it without the sound the first two times... cuz I'm into edging, I guess. I read the email twice before I watched the video too. I should probably listen to the video with audio twice too, but I'd like to send in my observations anyway. When I watch it again, I'll probably see something else I'd like to comment on, but I find that every video I go back and re-watch looks different based on the simple fact that life moves on and new things open up old ones.

I'll say that after reading the pre-release email, I was underwhelmed when I watched the video. Both times. :( I didn't expect that. It felt like... a best-of compilation. I know it's not, but that's the best way I can explain it. It's funny, I'm sure it doesn't feel like that to you. I thought the new font ideas were okay... fresh, the variety of shot styles was interesting some fresh, many not, the venue was pretty. Was it too busy? Maybe that's it. What's great about music...? it's a repetitve, catchy beat... one that takes hold of you long enough for you to get hooked on it. The video felt like it was scrambling to find something which it never found, or covering up for something that wasn't there.

However, when watching it with the audio, I had a whole different feeling from it. It was more engaging, even though nothing was different. I liked the initial footage, but I found that you didn't let us get close, the wall is up again. It's missing the hook that makes you compelling. I thought there was a lot of re-use, but that's a style thing, I guess. I wonder how it feels to look at your naked self for hours and hours while you prepare these videos, perhaps that's why this one feels a bit gimmicky. My personal feeling is that you don't have to have magic tricks to make viewers interested. Moreso, too many are distracting, and I think you'd like to be noticed. The music is pretty cool... the words, poetry and thoughts are very engaging... addictive.

That said, I'm still firmly pro-Missy.

I loved the hairpins and logic flips in the narrative. I hope that whatever it is you do to produce that keeps flowing from you.

Michael :)