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Laurent Minh:

Hi missy,

The first time I discovered your artwork. I was shaken by your words, not by the pictures of your nudity.

I'm 50, father of two nice girls of 20 and 14. Agnostic, bathing nude at the beach, only trusting in Life, gen transmission. I'm glad to find another person with the same point of view.

My first Love was like you, loving sex with no shame, every meaning from her was on sex. Nevertheless, she was brilliant, intelligent and full of life (at the moment, she is lawyer). Except my father, all my family hated this person, all my friends rejected me : they were jealous, I was loving a slut, it was so improper... In my family, nobody could do that... For me, she was not a slut, just a beautiful girl with her happiness, pain, questions and no sex limits... During 2 years I was leaving with her, enjoying the life every second, we were a very happy couple with a multitude of sex experimentation. But I was too young, not ready to face up to my parents, to the society meaning. I was 18, student with no situation. Our separation was a painful big crisis. We encountered a sadness that nobody could imagine...
Thirty years after, watching your videos, suddenly I remember all the past...


P.S. : excuse me for my english, I'm french.