Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D



Caroline Allen

Hi Missy

I've just watched Unmask'D so I'll let you know what I think. I love the look of your films, you really do find great clips. I particularly like the super-8 style film footage which gives a totally different tone to your films than most of what is out there. I love your disclaimer too, you have a sense of self-awareness and humour which make your films great to watch. I feel that your self awareness is nowhere more obvious than when you talk about the "negative space" that you feel is symbolised in your red dress of shame. This is an emotional honesty that is much more reflective and brutal than any reality TV series. Actually that kind of self reflection and intellect is pretty uncommon in most entertainment forms. Only in literature and occasionally in theatre and ambitious films do I ever see it. Its like most entertainment doesn't trust human experience to be interesting enough so they send out glorified, aspirational depictions instead of honesty. Perhaps for most people this depiction is enough as they don't feel the need to search beyond those cliches but for many intelligent people its a narrow little box that doesn't always fit. I love your quotes: "Like truth is pain and I'll do it again and again" and "With all that dead meat lying there looking like bad porn". The way I see it the red dress represents the honesty you'd like to portray to the world, demanding a degree of acceptance. Perhaps an acceptance that you once felt about yourself? The balance between the angel and the devil: the balance being a well rounded human who is neither but a mixture of both, is a tricky act to pull off. I think most people are precariously balancing most of their lives. The music you have chosen is eerie and haunting which is complimented by the home video style of the visuals. This is a great insight into your mind and seeing your films has encouraged me to be unflinchingly honest when depicting my own experiences through my writings.If I find any video clips or photos that particularly inspire me I'll be sure to pass them on.