Missy Jubilee. Y2K14

1. Missy Jubilee.032. Y2K14.NSFW.jpg

Calen Eleric commented on your clip Missy Jubilee. Y2K14:

  A promise to keep fucking my (our) mind(s), with even more of your hyper-erotic, mini-masterpieces, in this new year? (The Ren & Stimpy "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" song begins playing in the background.) Oh yeah, Baby! Give it to me, again! Yeah! Right there, between the lobes! That's it! Reach deep, into that sweet spot, where the limbic meets the prefrontal! Yeah, Baby! Tick;e my Amygdala!, Stroke that Hippocampus, Darlin'! Ride that intersection of thought, emotion, and sexuality like you own it! Oh, Sweetheart! You always know just where to tickle me to make me want you more and more! I'm Fucking Coming! Back For More! (Except on Mondays.)