Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D


oliver js pratt:

Nice work, and looking good,,, both u and the films

as always i wouldn't be me with out making a few observation or two (in this case just one)

my thought of the day is this

when i  first saw your films (right from the very beginning) or should i say when u first caught my attention with ur film making back in the days when u published on AFF one of the things i was conscious of was that there was no facial recognition

what i mean by that was being a human being who is interested in the whole there was a part of me that looked to see how you actually looked facially and i could be wrong but i think i am right in saying that seeing your face properly was virtually impossible as they had been very carefully produced and edited to not reveal your true identity

i think i might be right in saying that as things have progressed you have grown in confidence and with the most recent 5 productions there are often many glimpses of your face, often enough for one to think ahh so that's what she really looks like

There was value in the anonymity of your first films, the unknown, the intrigue the secrecy of what one does not see which as we know in human beings just leads to a desire for more but also there i great value in the recognition and connection of  looking into the real person and possibly feeling one could connect or know this person even if it is just in ones own imagination

So not so much of a thought as an observation but for a moment i wondered if this was all part of the plan to slowly reveal yourself until the whole and real you was revealed 

but i think it is a more subconscious gaining of confidence not an actual planned idea

but what i wanted to say out of this general and unedited ramble is that i like the current balance

not enough for me to really know you, to be able to really see you and identify you if we passed in the street but also not too little that i cant connect with you in some way to think or feel i might know you or understand you and make some kind of connection through your films

i hope that makes some sense 

nice to hear from you and keep up the great work

looking forward to some more boundry breaking in 2014

Oli xxx