Missy Jubilee. 032. Pornomatik

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Bernie Glynn:


You know, I only watch your movies for the articles!

Seriously, I get a bit edgy when you put a movie up, I watch it and get all, I don't know, weirded out. Then I go to your website to find the script so I can read it without all the eye and ear candy, and when the script is not there, I don't know quite what to do!

I can't get that damned Tristen song out of my head 'No one's gunna know'... thanks for that!. Seriously! It plays in my head all the farkin time! So that means you are in my head all the farkin time too! Fark! :)

You are certainly amazing... so many HUGELY INVOLVED short films. They may be short but Christ the work that goes into them! Amazing!

I trust the December craziness was bearable.