Missy Jubilee. Y2K14

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Hi Missy

Can't recall how I found your work (Googling 'art nudity' might have done it) but I am glad I did. I've been all over the web over its lifetime and I've never seen any work quite like yours. Not that that is a compliment in itself, but these words are meant as such. Original. Eclectic. Erotic. Terrifying. Fascinating. Head-shake-inducing. Brave. Beautiful. And so on. I love the samples you have used - people's thoughts, people's film, people's music, people's images. A list of your quotations as well as the scripts would be a great reference. I love the images of yourself, of course (how could I omit that?). But most of all I love your own text narration. The phrasing. The pauses. The questions. The dialogue. You've no doubt read Philip Larkin's poem 'This Be The Verse'? I'm in my fifties and still trying to work it all out, and REALLY trying to help my (twenty-something) kids and try not to fuck them up any more than I might have done already. Good luck with your art, and with your life. 


(oh, and I also love the beaches in NSW - I was there a couple of months ago meandering from BB down to Samurai and Port Stephens)