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Surya Coapy:

Hi Missy,

I haven't written in a while ... but I've been watching you.

I've had computer problems and been off the net for a while. Just caught up with your last two videos. You're so right, there's no turning back now. ("Better never to begin. Having begun, better to finish" — traditional Zen saying).

God I love your work. I love the honesty. And on a different level the professionalism and the attention to detail, which is an expression of love in some way, actually. I get very sentimental when I see attention to detail.

I just finished watching the last preview and need to go back and watch it again. You're showing your face more. Lovely.

You are beautiful inside and out. Your damage is beautiful. Our damage is beautiful. Human beings connect through this realisation.

Did I already send you this quote? "I must also have a dark side if I am to be whole." — Carl Jung.