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daulton gordon commented on your clip MissyJubilee. H.2.OH:

WOW, Either I'm a Slow reader Or a Sucker For genuine Nude, Erotic ,Sexuality; stories; Having to replay it Several Times ; Each time Enjoying your Sensuality but Troubled by its implications; most Psychologist would tell you ; Your Id is still being formed at age 4 ; for anyone to remember that Far back ; a real tangible event most have accrued Before ;;; But What is Real Tangible Now is your Ability to Write Erotica with such force as to capture the imagination and Feelings Of The Viewer ; your story was also Dipped in PURE CHOKALATE with sweet big helpings of Sensuality and Sexuality ; you've earned a true FAN today MISSY this Video has been added to 21 channels And 10 Groups ; Excellent Work My Lady ; Daulton