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Alan Rogers:

I have no time for Austrian Psychoanalysts myself. Freud never got over the fact he was making all those assumptions from the standpoint of a Victorian male. Reich was a hippy born sixty years too soon. No bad thing, but in truth aspirational rather than practical (in my opinion), and makes me think of the 'Producers' for some reason. 

Ok; I am over simplifying. It is a shame most women (including yourself - if I followed the double negatives correctly) feel sexual shame. Or is it? I was applauding the perceived 'Reichist'? attitude toward sex in my previous emails but I guess I forgot my history. You spoke before (in showerlust was it?) about using shame as a masturbation cue/aid. So is shame a bad thing? Or is being shameless a bad thing? (double negative - did you see what I did there?...i'm getting these blurred lines...). I will swing this around and say that I love your videos not just for the intelligentsia, but hey girl you have a body that lights up my life for a few minutes, and I have no shame in admitting it. Sorry that sounds crass, but naked gurls with banging bodies floats my boat.

I was right about us all being complex though, picking the bones out your words wakes up my brain too. Surely you mean to do that....

I think I will give up second guessing now. As 'hippy' Reich would say: 'Love and Peace Man'. 

Keep making these mini masterpieces please. I may be getting the subtle messaging all wrong, but I love what you do anyway.