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Ed Jones:

HI Missy:

I simply wish to express my appreciation for all the fine work you and Max are doing.

I think most people do not read any more. You were quite clear here on Vimeo as well as on your web site that this whole project of yours was a way to come to terms with not only your sexuality bit also the way society regards sexual women. The whole Madonna/Whore complex. Fantasies about being a slut. The good girl vs the bad girl. A whole lot of complex issues you are dealing with here. And yet you still get comments like "love your tits, babe". Sheesh! I despair for the human race sometimes.

I, for one, and glad the situations you shoot are not "real". I am quite happy to suspend disbelief for your entire film series. Were the situations real; ie you really were at the hotel pool taking your suit off, I would be very uncomfortable. I would fear for your safety or the sensibilities of the crowd. This way the whole event is free to take place in my imagination, on my terms, and with whatever baggage I bring to the viewing. I like it like that.

So please keep up the great work. You have set a lofty goal. I look forward to all 200+ films.

Oh, just one ps for Max: It looks to me like you may be using a tilt/shift lens, especially on the beach shots. At least that's the only guess I have about how you got some of those cool selective focus shots. Am I close?

Thanks again. It has been great to have a conversation with you.