Ctrl Alt Del Me

Missy Jubilee. Ctrl Alt Del Me. 001.jpg

Hello Missy,

I'm selfishly pleased to see you need constant sexual gratification to hide your pain, yet aware of the struggle you are having with yourself.  Your short movies constantly remind me of slave, cum-slut, painslut, "H", who sought similar relief from her so-called demons and social stigma and believed she was bipolar, among many other categories or labels foisted upon us by the 'system'.

We are all sexually repressed by an insane society that exists, ironically, because of sex (no sex - no people) but is in denial of sex - morons!  However, and unfortunately, few express this repression as you do on the beach so I would like you to look deeper into yourself for the reasons behind your so-called sluttish behaviour.  If childhood sexual repression by your parents was the true reason, we'd all be doing it - yeah!

Tell me something - when you lay naked with the lads on the beach, did you let them all take turns to fuck you like a true slut would?  "H" did, although she fucked ugly, old men, which her mind had been conditioned to accept as comforting from an early age.  She couldn't relate to young, attractive men/boys.  Had you fucked all the men you teased on the beach, I would accept that you are, as you suggest, a woman with the mind of a man.  After all, any man lying naked and having sunscreen applied by a group of women, would fuck them all in a heartbeat.  I certainly would.

"H" also had a love/hate relationship with her parents whom she blamed for many things.  You must remember this - you are your parents in a different time in a different place and with a different mix of what made them - hormones, chemicals, experiences.  You are blessed with beauty.  Would you be attracting so much attention to your sexuallity if you were not as hot as you are?  Perhaps not.

Still loving your work,