Ctrl Alt Del Me

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Kaleb Tilley:


I once took a class on communication, and my job in the Army involved
radio communication.  One of the main points I took away from both the
class and my time in the Army was:  when communicating, it is the
responsibility of the person sending the message to ensure the message
was delivered and understood.  If the message is not received or
understood, it's not the fault of the receiver.

Seeing the words your parents said to you, they seemed to be trying to
place the blame on you for the fact that, according to them, you
didn't understand them as you were growing up, and that they were
giving up on trying to communicate with you.

Then they hypocritically wished you luck in your endeavors.

Parents will always be responsible for making sure their children
learn all they need to get by in life, and never blame their children
for any failures that should be theirs.

Thank you for sharing these messages/revelations .. And I look forward

no your next installment.