Naked Soul

Missy Jubilee_Naked Soul_002.jpg


Hello Missy,

Did you know there is a line connecting your nipples to your pussy?  I'll bet you didn't.  In medical texts you will find some people have multiple nipples along that line.  I think a clever girl like you can see the connection between your sensations now, from an anatomical point of view.  Hence, you are not crazy or alone.  By the way, my wife sleeps with me spooning her and with a hand on one breast, making her feel secure and loved.

Can't say I agree with your final quote about hidden demons we dare not face.  Again, simply confusion of the mind, something you seem to be chipping away at.

Finally, how lucky you girls are to be able to get nude and get away with it.  Us guys would get arrested or punched out, except on a nude beach of course, where the gays would delight in it.