Naked Soul

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Luis Diego París:

Hello Missy. I just watched your videos and I was blown away. They did speak to me loudly. I am no expert, but I agree with you the porn industry has run out of ideas. I feel about porn the same the same way I feel about horror movies. They have forgotten what makes them great and that is suspense. Now is all about the monster and blood, but once you have seen both, usually pretty early in the movie, there is nothing else. No thrill. Porn is pretty much the same is all about dicks and pussies and not about my brain which is the real erotic part of my body. They forgot about teasing and building the audience in the same way horror movies forgot about suspense. Don´t get me wrong I do want to see it all and I have nothing about erotica being explicit and hardcore,... at the end after I have been tease to death by good storyline. 

Like I said before I am no expert in porn but If I understand correctly the excuse of the porn industry to be so unimaginative is that guys, to whom they solely direct they efforts, only want the "money shot" and if there was to be dialogue they will just fast forward to the fucking, so the porn keeps being made for the same 15 year old guy that get off at the first sight of tits. 

Imagine how happy I was to stumble with your videos. I have never seem anything like them. I imagine you will like this that is also a slightly different approach to erotica by another woman. Keep up the good work! Luis