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Dear Missy:

I have never experienced erotica so thought provoking as yours. The visual and aural imagery are definitely a solid component of the work, but your words are what take the viewer to a whole different level. For the first time, I don't feel as though I am simply a voyeur and that I am experiencing erotica for its sensuality rather than its sexuality.

What I find very interesting is the conflict of wanting to share your website with others I know who would enjoy your work or "keeping this just between you and me". How weird is that? It's definitely the first time I ever experienced that from erotica!

Sexual deviant? What the hell is normal?

Slut? If I were born a woman, I'd want to think of sex like a man does.

Enjoy the journey. There will be dark days and sunny days. In my life I enjoy both as it's an affirmation that I'm alive.

All the best