Cream'D Tease


World Clique Media commented on your clip Missy Jubilee. CreamD Tease:

“  This is an excerpt from Somehow, we thought it oddly fit the occasion! LOL.... The deliciously smooth feel of silk…. It’s making your head spin…. Making the shadows and light in the room turn to glitter and and your orgasm explosive…! Staring down your bra hardens me…. One of these days I’m going to destroy you…. For now, I’ll settle for fucking your brains out…. Sucking on those two beautiful breasts…. Cumming on your face and ruining your make up…. Maybe I’ll tie your hands down and tell you a few stories while you watch me masturbate and cover you with my delicious man jelly…. I’ll threaten you without ever hurting you…. Or untying you…. How wet and panicked would that make you?… Are you there yet?…. Is it now? It’s on your mind isn’t it?… I can hear your breath racing with your heartbeat as my fingers scathe at your clit with faster, more determined intent…. Now little slut…. You better cum for me.