H.2.OH Tease 1.0

MissyJubilee_H2OH Tease 1.jpg

First let me just say, I am not passing judgemnet like "bad" or "good", I am just descibing it and saying it's different from your other work in the follwoing ways, I tihnk you know what I mean?

The style of the song, it's very different from all your others, this one is more  light, I tihnk it's the strumming guitar, it makes me feel like it's a song I might hear on a pop radio station instead of in an edgey nightclub.  And the video doesn't seem to go along with the music as much.

And the video ( i know it's a teaser and all)  but there's more fast, normal action, you walking into the pool in the beginning, it's sharp, stecato (sp? lol),   Then later when you dive in the pool. 

It just doesn't seem your normal style. "Well what the fuck is my normal style Stormin" you say?  So far, all your other work, to me, has been very primal, it starts with the drum bass beat of the mucic, so it resonates in the body, and  the video goes so well with the music, so the primative caveman brain is grovving to the music and the modern cerebrial brain is dining on the visual.

OHHH!!!  I know, it's makes feel more early 70's beach boyseeish, ok, well not the beach boys, more that free love kind of feeling, Peace, Pot and Micro Dot era.

I do love that you show your entire nude body moving so much, actually, constantly.  And I have thing for naked woman in water swimming around, It's number two to seeing a woman walking around in a string bikini, so then there's that ;-).

And finally, I'm a little embarrassed to say this, it does make me want you sexually :-[

But what the hell do I know?  lol


Smile. Kiss. Norm. E