Missy Jubilee. 030. UnMask'D PREVIEW

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I know you must be busy because the work you are putting out is not tripe nor an attempt to commercialize.  You remind me of home where folk say sorry and good manners are important.   

Music is  a healer, I am by nature a musician. 

I am NOT the "interesting bad boy type"

I am a father who gives a shit about where my boys are heading.

Married twice, divorced twice.

Own a Jack Russell Terrier

First wife Mexican and on good terms.

2nd is a former gang member (South Central LA and dating Cocaine dealer (hey what gal wouldn't for a couple million a year)

My life is precious because I know my time is short due to the above (I know too much) Can't complain though because when you know your ticket is  gonna be pulled early, each day, each second is very sweet, no regrets right that is key to being happy.

Most difficult part of it is trying to leave my boys with good memories of me, saying goodbye to family without letting them know my situation etc.

I am not complaining, it is just life happening.

I will die on my feet, I am a Celt a Scottsman and we have done that for generations.

In short.. if that is possible for me gobshite self:) (humour is the shit that makes the grass look green). As I see it your journey is one of acceptance, you will find a family,(you are already doing that) it may not be kin but you are not alone. You made me feel not so blah de daa. 

Love is the answer, you and Max are capturing  a journey together and it brings me to my knees in a good way to see that much Love. Don't ever let go, talk, fight and fuck one another with all your might. 

I will get the t-shirt together, my idea is table of element ( thank G-d for things that help me sleep:) Something Musical below that, an egg timer (remember those) and the image from your site. Not sure how that is gonna go together. collage, sequential or what? 

If you 2 are fortunate enough to make a quid or 2 a gritty documentary on the culture of girls being sold into bondage in India would be awesome. No need to reply....just keep showing the world what acceptance and Love looks like from your point of view, the one you know. It is beautiful

Peace, find it, hold it like your firstborn.

Best wishes for you both.