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Hi Missy! Discovering you and your videos, your project, has been more than a little mind-blowing. When I watched your "1st Orgasm", it turned me on, turned parts of my brain on, touched me inside in places that only the most intimate and uninhibited of my past loves has reached. Listening to you describe reaching your first climax without any contact almost made me climax, too. On the inside. 

Thank you for sharing some of what it means to be you.

I'm slowly making my way through the rest of your videos. I find I prefer to watch just one or maybe two at a time, and then step back and process that experience... let your words and images flow wherever they will in me, and savor all the feelings you inspire, 

Viewing your vids is not at all like watching porn... It is very much like sharing intimate experiences with a deeply trusted lover. 

Thank you for such a positive experience.

Calen AKA TigerCrab