Missy Jubilee. 029. Mask'D

1. Missy Jubilee. 029. MaskD. 001.jpg

Bernie Glynn


The Lipstick clip is powerful metaphor. Oh! And there is mascara too!

The 'I want to *ucking tear you apart clip sets a good tone'

Shit! It that a gas mask?

The intro text sounds like it should have been in your very first episode, as you are explaining what you are doing. Its pretty depressing.

The dew or moisture on the lens feels like tears, and is effective. The Sepia work at the start seems a bit dark, I would have liked to have seen more of the mask. The sound during the sepia part fits the work (3.03).

(3.15) interesting connection to Psychotropic drugs and other countries banning these films.(I wish I could be banned in some countries - oh how I envy you).

(3.38) The message is clear. Music still fits well.

(3.54) Nice GITMO reference - very now...

(4.28) Cute polka dot boots

(4.57) This is leading back to your parents isn't it!

(5.07) Oh! Its a paint ball mask!

(5.29) for a nutter, you make a lot of interesting points

(5.41) "I must have a dark side if I 'm to be whole". Powerful powerful statement!

(5.56) are you playing in the mud? Looks like fun! I think all dark sides are 'dirty' That's why they are dark. We all have one.

(6.07) some DEEP Jung Stuff there.

(6.23) Now that's a depressing thought - always something to ruin our lives....

(6.35) Free will thoughts - very deep. The music has been going for a long time now - time to change the mood?

(6.40) Oh good, it changed right on cue!

(7.17) Different people dance in the rain in the mud in the nude in polka-dotted wellingtons!

(7.39) The music fits well with the 'car clip'

(7.43) Unicorn - LOL

(8.10) well if you are the anti-christ, isnt that a good thing on some level. God knows the bastardisation of Christ has fucked the world, and may be the basis of why you we abused by your parents. The video here is good too - getting weird.

(8.22) fuck, that thing about your Dad wanting a boy and got you cut me deep Shrek.

(9.33) Do you REALLY need to keep calling yourself a slut? You don't scare me

(10.10) so mush desperation in the 'Who are you' clips and the filtered vision of you without the mask! I like it.

And so its ends where it began.

OK, So, it IS VERY POLITICAL. It is VERY personal as well. The masturbators are going to hate it.

I love this kind of shit. Well done again to you and Max. I want to run naked in the rain and mud now.

Keep it up, both of you.

Love Me.