Missy Jubilee. 028. Membrane.

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Well now… I just finished watching “Membrane.”  You are something else.  A fucking human masterpiece of talent, sex appeal, and beauty.  I’ll link to it, of course, in the next newsletter… but I had to elaborate and tell you what I thought of it… what I think of you, in general.  First off… your creativity is amazing.  These confessional pieces are superb, but I’d also love to see you direct an adult film.  There are so few that have the chops and vision to make the sexual artistic and thought-provoking… something that will stay with you long after the credits roll.  I don’t know if you were able to check out the directors I mentioned (Andrew Blake, Erika Lust, David Aaron Clark), but you’re on their level.  Now… I don’t actually watch much porn (too scripted, cold, fake), but when I come across erotica that is well done… definitely.  Just doesn’t happen that often.  Something like what you’ve done… and what they’re known for - where “noise" is stripped away, leaving only raw emotion.  Where mood matters more than a money shot.  I think it’s also admirable that you feel comfortable in your skin to the point of… letting go, speaking out.

Back to the bit about… beauty.  Your husband is a very lucky man.  If all that talent wasn’t enough, you’re so pretty and… have such a scrumptious body.  You are the textbook definition of “WOMAN.”

Some clips for you…

https://vimeo.com/21348792 (Erika Lust)

http://www.erikalust.com/room33/ (Erika Lust)

http://store.andrewblake.com/product.php?productid=16160 (Andrew Blake)