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Randall Ashelman:

Dear Missy,

Powerful, very powerful. Don't ever worry about money, as you are just about ready to write and direct your own MAJOR full length film.  Go for it you may even now be ready. Show what you are doing and Hollywood will be pouring in offers to back you financially.  

Yes, I mean it.  You are that good....  You are the NEW WAVE of writers and directors of film.  Be ready to distribute your work on DVD's etc.  Who knows, even Netfix might want to distribute your work to an adult audience.  You are that good.  Scrip, Video, Sound, Music all are there.  You are ready.  Just don't let drugs, alcohol,  family criticism or anything drag you down.  Just continue to be your honest self.  That honesty is what makes you so good.   Now your ready to turn your talents into cash.   You are an artist. One of the best.  Only work with the best people.  You are ready. 

Great to watch you grow.  Don't ever let anyone hold you back.  Go Girl Go.

Hugs, Randall