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I liked Vaginarama

it was short which was unusual for you

what i liked was that it was building up for something new, i felt you were creating a platform for some new stuff

what brought back one of our earliest conversations to my head was the quote (going from memory here) in Vaginarama with ref to Hitler or the Nazi party and how they new that by suppressing and controlling sexual feelings etc they controlled the populace

in other words a free sexual society meant too much freedom to express ones own thoughts and ideas and therefore loss of control

i think if u look at history through the ages there are many forms that support this idea

And religion has to be the biggest culprit in suppressing sexuality in society through out history

The story of how Adam and Eve discovered self awareness and thus nakedness became a taboo is in the very roots of religion, the act of becoming self conscious and thinking for ones self becomes a sin 

in addition look at how the hippie movement in 1960's America caused fear look at how the threat of sexual liberation divided a nation it is massive

but to try and stick to my point

what sexual suppression does do is create sexual taboo's esp in the sub conscious and those taboo's lead to greater sexual frustration which i believe lead to greater sexual enjoyment and i think people like having taboo's subconscious or not that without them life might be quite boring so in a strange way society is addicted to taboo's

(just a quick thought Taboo would be a great name for one of ur films)

so to explain what i mean and i apologies as i am rushing here, the suppression creates taboo's and boundaries

breaking boundaries is exciting and fun but what that does lead too is forming new boundaries that then need to be conquered but that is another subject

to try and illustrate my point on greater sexual enjoyment as a result of taboo are

would the following be as exciting, as thrilling and as enjoyable if they were not taboo's

having sex outside in a public space

getting naked on the beach for all the world to see

having an affair

sexy lingerie, clothing in general, bondage ect


the answer in my head is that if these were not taboos in some shape or form and society was more sexually liberated then sex in these situations may be just as enjoyable but it would be distinctly differant

and there is the difference, it would still be sex,it would still be enjoyable but it would be massively different 

and there is the parody, we as humans like the thrill, like the danger it releases chemicals wihtin the body that heightens senses that increase the enjoyment and that is addictive

so we fight suppression and control yet subject to it for the thrill

(i have some very interesting chats with a lady who through strict catholic upbringing gets massive thrills and sexual enjoyment every time she is involved in a situation that would not be approved by the catholic church, she is very much into bondage and restriction and i am glad to say has overcome her feeling of guilt after these situations which means it is all enjoyable for her

she totally understands both ends of the spectrum in her emotions and head and has come to terms with them but due to her upbringing still has instilled in her subconscious that what she is doing is a taboo and breaking those taboo's brings her a huge thrill and excitement)

looking from the other angle

Men love sexy lingerie, it is something that is in many ways a taboo, it is secretive and generally kept behind closed doors

if wearing lingerie was common place, accepted as office work wear then the thrill and discovery of it the taboo would be broken and probably non existant

here is a good example of how society, and commercialism likes to keep taboos alive in order to continue making money

and how we as people accept a taboo for our own continued enjoyment

i am sure you have but another really good peek into history and sexual taboos is the story of Betty Paige, the film is excellent it shows how men with a need for sexual liberation go weak at the knees for something that today would be considered very mainstream

i hope i am explaining my self well, from the little i know u i am sure u get what i am getting at

and can see what i mean in ref to sexual suppression creates greater sexual satisfaction on a particular leval

in my opinion it all comes back down to the brain, the largest sexual organ we have

and by and large whats in our brains all comes down to the conditioning we experince as genetic learning passed through our geans and what we experience from birth as a conditioning within society