• Tania Rose Haimon

    I love your work Missy.... my boyfriend tuned me into you and i'm so glad... truly inspirational creative edgy erotica... just what i have been looking for to inspire my own journey to reclaim and explore my own mysteriously wild sexual creature going on. thank you!


    Thank you kindly Tania. And I love your photo - such strength, resolve, vulnerability, resolution, beauty, grace, sadness - all in one photo. I appreciate your thoughts, especially you being a woman, since most of my most enthusiastic haters are women. And if I have inspired you, then the virtuous circle continues, since someone once inspired me to do what I'm doing. But the best/greatest lesson that person gave me was - don't do for other people, and don't care what other people think, since 92% of people don't think. If you're going to do it for anyone else but yourself, do it for the 8% who are capable of insight, thought, debate or awareness. But in the end, it's all just a bunch of words. I hope you go out and create what has never existed before, and that you keep doing that until you find your limits, which will hopefully be never. Thank you for your kind words :) Missy x