Cyber lick?

2008.06.07 019.jpg

I Want 2 69 With U:  Hi Missy,

Your nakedness certainly turns me on!

Well for now, how about a cyber lick?

Just think, I am working the tip of my tongue up and down the length of you pussy. Every so often I will insert my whole tongue into your pussy as far as it will go.

After I twist my tongue around a few times inside your pussy. I go back to sliding my tongue up down until I finally get to your clit. Now my tongue is flicking your clit back and forth. You begin to squirm. Since you are laying on your back I can reach up and squeeze your nipples and breasts while my tongue massages your pussy.

It is getting harder to keep in contact with clit as you are moaning and trashing and bucking your hips. So I hold your clit between my teeth and suck on it as hard as I can while my tongue rapidly flicks back and forth.
Finally you can hold back no longer and begin to shudder in orgasm.
Does that sound like fun?