Stochastic event

Anson: Hi. Nice work. Really nice work. I found you by accident whilst trawling the AFF website that otherwise makes my flesh crawl. Your words and ideas lifted my spirits enormously. Ten years in the advertising industry left me with the impression that soundies were the most enigmatic and deep thinking-est category of human, and you kind of confirm my theory. I travel a lot too, mostly between Melbourne and Canberra, where I ply my trade in statistical likelihood and pattern recognition, among other things. String theory is just another way to apply probability theory I guess, it's nothing to fret about, except that we got our maths brains all programmed for a particular way of viewing the world that renders string theory indecipherable. Kids get quantum physicsintuitively, as it turns out because they don't know what's possible and impossible. Hey, I could ramble on for much longer, but I won't. Nice to make your acquaintance