PanDemonium: I really do appreciate the artistic side of erotica, my wife & I dig your stuff a lot! I have started posting my own collection of erotic photos of my wife & I and I also try to be creative with everything we do... we haven't gotten into video yet but it's cumming up in the future...Lots of kisses & licks 2 you MissyJubilee!

Missy: PanDemonium, I am really glad your wife likes my stuff. I never want to alienate women, I want to bring them on board - hopefully they will see a little of the part of themselves that society has repressed.  So you have paid me a very high compliment. Thank you. If you'd ever like to contribute your photos, videos or writing, please let me know and I'd be happy to feature them :) x

p.s. I love your handle!

PanDemonium: Thanks so much baby!