Cream'D Tease/AFF


Hello Missy,  I did go to Redtube and watch the trailer (in a washroom), frankly speaking, I needed to take off my underwear and was stroking my cock before u took off your underwear, what a stupid idiot I am! Yes, Missy, u win, and u already seducing me by making my cock hard like a sword! Holy Shit!  When I saw your photo, I realize u  had a pair of beautiful eyes, am I right?  Pls neglect the AFF, concentrate more on enjoying your slut life! Please, baby!   I am sure if I found u in the beach, I want u to to feel how hard my dick is!  Love with respect and appreciation, YOU deserve, Missy Baby Regards danny 
missy: I'm impressed that you went straight to the bathroom after receiving my e-mail danny. Anything else happen?. I like to hear about how you reacted, what you did. :) x