AFF. I want to stab someone - figuratively speaking

I need to get my mind off this AFF crap and do something about it - because at the moment I want to stab every AFF executive in the collective erect penis - e,g. their brains.

Damn, this shit is messed up. It was a bad day to give up glue sniffing as Leslie Nielsen said. Can you really be a child pornographer if you exploit yourself and you're 31 years old when you do it???.

I put two numbers in a title in a video - that being a 1 and a 6, and it's like Oklahoma City all over again. I actually think I know who was responsible - a dude on AFF had been trolling me for about a week, and I got up yesterday morning, and he had cut and pasted the same comment on to every video - 'This is crap. These videos are not porn. They are simply nude photgraphy stitched together. These shouldn't be allowed on AFF".

Damn fool I thought, I could have told him they weren't porn - and that that was a compliment, but I think the subtly would have been lost on him.

So he thought my work wasn't porn at all, but AFF defines it as child porn!. Who is right here, because both can't! be.

I went and made a coffee on Sunday morning, and KA-POW - account deleted, do not pass go, do not...............whatever all those other monopoly terms are that I just realised I'd forgotten - something about jail maybe?. Can't be do not go to jail, that would rhyme, but that would be a good thing.

Maybe it's go to jail - if it is, what happened to due process and getting a fair trial in Monopoly?

I digress.

I think this is the universe telling me to get my lazy arse into gear and create my own site and space that I control. Quite honestly, if it hadn't happened, I probably wouldn't get anything done this year.

But in a spirit of rage, anger and sluttiness, I made myself learn more about web design and libel law in the last 2 days than I have all year.

Now I just have get the video section working - and voila!. The slut is back, she is back............... (and whatever the other words to that Eminem Slim Shady song are).

Mwah x