Missy Jubilee. 034.1 Perve 01 Preview

1. Missy Jubilee. 034.1.001.jpg

Perve Preview 34.1

00:03 Sneak Preview then following onto Missy Doll (Batteries not included) were good.

00:09 Pride is a spiritual cancer that eats any possibility of love. Nice quote. Was the text angled down to the right? It was a bit off-putting. Maybe I’m just cock-eyed?…

00:13 the Combi van is cute. I’d have left I more up towards the camera to pretend it was to scale with the Missy Doll

00:15 OUCH! Hehehe

00:19 We haven’t seen you on the beach for quite a while Missy. Welcome back.

00:35 …Don’t spoon the bacon... {CUMB}…

01:06 Perve 01 – will there be more after the main event?

01:15 I like the music at this part of the presentation.

01:18 Four points of view etc. Well this is got quite interesting!

02:12 Story one – ‘My Story’. So will perve 2,3 and 4 be the other stories? I like your stories.