Missy Jubilee. 035. Come

00:00 Unfuck the World! Yes, let’s do that together. Only we can.

00:03 Angelo Buschini/Massive Attack – It starts! J

00:06 The beat is pumping nicely.

00:13 LOL. “… is rated M for a mature Audience… “ nice J And nice poetry quote from Philip Larkin. But it is not just poetry that is no-one else’s business, it really is just about everything that is no-one else's business! J

00:23 Nice Portal 2 Audio, Missy pose and weirdo quote. I don’t think you are bitter and hollow or shallow. He’s a cock. The Portal 2 Buzzer made me laugh.

00:33 Followed up with a ‘Not your Bitch’, Yes. Nice.

00:39 J ‘Specialising in … woman… own sexuality…’ OK! I get the point. J

00:43 Beat is great.

00:46 Classic Macintosh – and Portal 2 quote. Nice.

01:24 You keep saying the “Future Sex Projekt” – Isn't is the Future Sex Love Art Projekt?

01:45 Change of Music and there you are! Smiling. Hello!

02:14 Christ!

02:20 Christ is that what I think it is? I mean really? Christ!

03:24 Christ! Oh Yeah, nice Ringo Starr music too but Holy shit! I wasn't prepared for this Missy! J

04:16 Jesus… I need to catch my breath… Oh Lordy Lord…

04:34 Fark, the masturbators are going to have a field day with this…

04:46 Your Mother’s got a Penis… :J really? I don’t want to ask her about that, but I wish I could dance like those guys.

04:53 I like that comedian. Yep, he’s a keeper. Bill Hicks?

05:12 Lovely love-heart picture in the tunnel. I approve. Is that you and Max?

05:15 Oh Good, there is a part 2… Must keep focused now after part one – Jesus – not easy.

05:36 Love the little girl with the attitude…

05:45 You have a great sense of humour.

05:54 Scare the world, tell the truth about sex! Yes, it’s a great concept. I reckon the world would be scared to know the truth about ANYTHING really.

06:16 J We never really grow up. Yes, now that I’m old enough to know that is true for me I agree. But I wonder if it is true for Rupert Murdoch?

06:21 WOW I've not seen you walking along the beach clothed before. It was very erotic J

07:04 The Sarah Silverman quote strikes hard to the bone (pardon the pun). I mean it is really to the point. Men do that. Women don’t (as a generality). Wow, we never really consider why that is, but I think that men are made to feel ashamed of this by their women, who don’t understand, and who are envious of some phantasm fantasy their men play in their heads that probably does not contain them… Women are basically insecure because they are never pretty enough, well, that’s what they learn.

07:23 I think that masturbation is taboo for men as well, not to the same extent, but it is certainly not cool to say to a mate over a beer in his man-cave ‘Mate, don’t mind me, I’m just going to toss one off.’

07:35 I agree with you, it would not be on YouTube and not on many other sites other than porn sites. Nice girls are indeed taught not to masturbate, as are nice boys. Because men masturbate a lot, the guilt about it should not be overlooked.

10:01 Oh! Surprise doggy porn! Nice!

10:17 Let the shaming begin!

11:56 Well rounded off with Portal 2 J


Final Thoughts


OK…. WOW! That’s like the most amazing video yet. Something for everyone there  Missy. It is edgy, direct, thought provoking and purposeful. It just gets better and better. Congratulations.