Missy Jubilee. 031.1 Requiem. The Long Version

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BEEGEES Blow By Blow - Requiem - Long Version

For what it may be worth

00:00 'I think you are filth...' Powerful Start. The graphic shows submission and pain. Wow.

00:04 Oscsar Wilde Quote - Very nice.

00:12 Missy doll sold seperately. :) I like the double meanings here. Great time lapse photography Max!

00:17 The price is wrong bitch. Look this is a masterstroke right there. More double meanings.

00:24 Make are, make love, make do. Nice.

00:44 Surprise Surprise Surprise - Missed a Gomer Pile Chance there :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6_1Pw1xm9U

01:18 Renovating some memories. Nice. Holy shit I've just seen this goes for 25 Minutes! Fark! :)

01:27 Now if got to figure out if I can continue. I guess this is what you spoke to me about.

02:01 I like the editing in this part of the intro. There is doubt in your eyes so that marries well into the figuring out if you can continue theme.

02;12 Some sadness for me in the Antione De Saint Exupery quote.

02:30 The axis of Angst - Change in mood. I'll get some popcorn.

02:41 Max gets a question. :) I like.

02:58 Trying to read and understand the significance of the GWB quote as well as watch you is difficult and required me to revisit this a few times so that I understood everything.

05:38 So much to understand here. You used to put the text on the screen with the rest of the graphics and spoon feed it in. There was a lot to know there, and a lot to watch. I was thinking as I watched it, it would be easier to take it all in if what you and max were saying was spoken, or if thats never going to happen, perhaps your words are in pink and Max's are in blue, or Your words on one side of the screen and his on the other. Because there is so much happening, it would have just made my comprehension of this important conversation easier.

06:04 I had a real big smile here with the Young Frankenstein clip. Hehehe It was perfectly timed after the 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 intro. :)

06:14 The bluebird poem is going to make me cry isn't it....

07:20 Fark...

07:39 :) The tough guy dancing was not expected. Nice change-up!

08:20 It feels like a rebirth as is goes on, a joyous thing. But there is much more to go yet, and I don't trust myself to hope that this is going to go on for the next 18 minutes. Not with a title like requiem.

08:25 Time's up Missy. Bugger, I knew deep down that this was not going to last. :(

08:29 OH!!! He was the Techno Viking! I'm such a nob.

08:44 WTF!!! LOL... So I'm sitting up in bed with my laptop watching the Techno Viking and you chat and then the Guy and the CD drive happens. Well I could not contain my glee.

12:09 Is this an homage to Charles. It feels a bit like that at this point, coming right after the last video about Frank. Then I learn about Charles' upbringing, and I wonder of yours was similar?

13:00 I'm learning a lot about Bukowski. So much in fact that I think I might want to read some of his poems. Is that wrong? :P

13:39 Funny - Weird but funny.

14:20 OK, so there is a message here for you. Don't Try. It will come to you as it should. Just keep doing what you do and try to free it into the universe without worrying about the critics.

14:37 Yes, the bug is coming. But I'm not sure you need to kill it.

15:01 Nice (true) Yoda saying. We see where this is going. Facing your dark side. This will appeal to the Star Wars fans :)

16:21 There is a whole new conversation to be had in the contemplation of your own death. I believe, that unless you make death your friend, you will never properly live. I believe, that all great artists have made death an ally, and in that alliance, there is the great freedom which allows them to stand, and gives us a sense of awe of them. Great artists are awesome because death is their ally. You are not being a drama queen, you are being a caterpillar in a chrysalis - and you will emerge beautiful, new, unstained and free.

16:57 Hoorah for Edward Snowden!

17:28 LOL Mud in the face.

17:39 Yeah, I'll have a helping of that!

18:05 Afraid of Pencils... CUMB… hehehe

18:07 Thank you.

18:20 All smiles now… Having fun storming the castle.

18:52 Tin Can Alley – There is more – and its scaring me…

19:12 I somehow don’t think you are going to be forgotten

19:37 Excellent blend of imagery and music to bring back the bluebird meme.

20:52 Great editing here. 4 images and text and music blending well.

22:14 There may be some salvation yet. This image suggests to me that through release of sexual tension you may be able to release your past. It’s a powerful metaphor.

23:39 Nice Zen quote – better to finish now.

23:59 Methinks you did know this beforehand J

24:10 That last quote from Edge is in the shape of a skull. Was that intentional?

 General Comments

Not as harrowing to watch as I was forewarned about, but perhaps harrowing to produce.

How does Max fare with the ‘Still have not found what I’m looking for’ stuff. Your relationship is obviously very strong.

Great use in part 3 of the Mozart Requiem Mass. The music was haunting.

I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m a lot happier than I thought I’d be at the end of it, perhaps its because I feel deep down as if you have killed something, or paid homage to a few dead feelings here, and we are about to embark on a new adventure as we storm the castle? It serves well as an end to the first 30 episodes in any case, very well indeed.

I hope it maxes out the charts for you.