A 250 film/5 year art project dedicated to taking back control of women’s sexuality from the few boneheads in LA who control the global porn industry. I am also focussed on starting a healthy real & intelligent conversation about sex and the psychology of desire & attraction
— Missy Jubilee

An unexpected meeting between sexuality, art, documentary film making, music video, reality TV, self medication, therapy and the study of the human condition

-Independent Film Review

Below are the latest Missy Jubilee releases in the series of 250 experimental short films on sexuality 

I love your films and the style and atmosphere you are able to invoke. I really love what you’re doing! I find your work on the edge of art/social expression. You are on the fore front, blazing a trail for us “wanna-be’s”. I think a documentary about you and your art would be amazing! Keep up the great work!”
— Terry Pratt, Discovery Networks

We're out to change societies attitude to sexuality. This is how we're going...

I do think this will emerge as a body of work of epic proportions
— -Richard Crosby

Watch The Top 3 Missy Jubilee films:

I am touched by the pure sincerity and intelligence of your art. I believe you are one of the most important artists of our time.
— Iggi Torr

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Please be aware that this site contains art, films, photos and writing that contain erotica, nudity and material considered appropriate only for a mature audience - if you like that sort of stuff, then what a wonderful coincidence this is! If you don't then best to turn around right now. 

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