A 250 film/5 year art project dedicated to taking back control of women’s sexuality from the few boneheads in LA who control the global porn industry. I am also focussed on starting a healthy real & intelligent conversation about sex and the psychology of desire & attraction
— Missy Jubilee

An unexpected meeting between sexuality, art, documentary film making, music video, reality TV, self medication, therapy and the study of the human condition

-Independent Film Review

Below are the last 3 Missy Jubilee releases in the series of 250 experimental short films on sexuality 

I love your films and the style and atmosphere you are able to invoke. I really love what you’re doing! I find your work on the edge of art/social expression. You are on the fore front, blazing a trail for us “wanna-be’s”. I think a documentary about you and your art would be amazing! Keep up the great work!”
— Terry Pratt, Discovery Networks

The Top 3 Missy Jubilee films are:

I am touched by the pure sincerity and intelligence of your art. I believe you are one of the most important artists of our time.
— Iggi Torr

In my life I have had a great deal of pain and lies and I have always needed a person to look up to. I found you. Like you found Lou Reed. You make amazing art. Never stop.
— Jared Pinkard

Missy’s work in erotic film is unique and fresh and brutally honest. Her partnership with her cinematographer husband Max and her understanding of modern themes, music, art, literature and history make her productions stand out in the genre.

Missy brings psychology to the art, which is sorely missing from a lot of erotica. She successfully explores a female perspective of sexuality from a unique starting point, and draws the audience along with her.

Courageous and beautiful, with a quick wit and sharp mental reflexes, Missy Jubilee can sleep in my camp any time.
— Major Bernie Glynn



Please be aware that this site contains art, films, photos and writing that contain erotica, nudity and material considered appropriate only for a mature audience - if you like that sort of stuff, then what a wonderful coincidence this is! If you don't then best to turn around right now. 

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