I love your films and the style and atmosphere you are able to invoke. I really love what you’re doing! I find your work on the edge of art/social expression. You are on the forefront, blazing a trail for us wanna-be’s in television. Keep up the great work!
— Terry Pratt, Discovery Networks USA

I do think this will emerge as a body of work of epic proportions in the history of art & film making
— Richard Crosby
This project wasn’t founded with investor money, loans, or even a business plan: it started with an idea, to stop the pornification of sex, and a desire to get people talking about sex in a healthy way. Now, two years later, over 4 million people have an reason to think about sex artistically, instead of being made to feel ashamed about one of the most basic human desires
— Missy & Max Jubilee. Husband & wife. Film makers
Original, witty and truly exciting in a twisted, (very) sensual way
— Fred Medina
This project is so inspirational, raw, real and important; especially in this time of media modification, and the unrealistic representation of sexual experiences
What you are saying and doing, beyond being ridiculously talented, thought provoking and creative, needs to be heard & seen by more people
— iMurpheus

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This project is incredibly important to humankind. It explores a “forbidden” topic for those who live in a sexually repressive society
— Jay Hatcher. Producer

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