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I love your project and your work
— Alain de Botton. Swiss writer, philosopher & Channel 4 UK television presenter
I love your films and the style and atmosphere you are able to invoke. I really love what you’re doing! I find your work on the edge of art/social expression. You are on the forefront, blazing a trail for us wanna-be’s in television. Keep up the great work!
— Terry Pratt, Discovery Networks USA

I do think this will emerge as a body of work of epic proportions in the history of art & film making
— Richard Crosby
This project wasn’t founded with investor money, loans, or even a business plan: it started with an idea, to stop the pornification of sex, and a desire to get people talking about sex in a healthy way. Now, two years later, over 4 million people have an reason to think about sex artistically, instead of being made to feel ashamed about one of the most basic human desires
— Missy & Max Jubilee. Husband & wife. Film makers
Original, witty and truly exciting in a twisted, (very) sensual way
— Fred Medina
This project is so inspirational, raw, real and important; especially in this time of media modification, and the unrealistic representation of sexual experiences

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What you are saying and doing, beyond being ridiculously talented, thought provoking and creative, needs to be heard & seen by more people
— iMurpheus
This project is incredibly important to humankind. It explores a “forbidden” topic for those who live in a sexually repressive society
— Jay Hatcher. Producer

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