In 2012, over 3 months, I started filming myself on free cam site

I also collected and filmed all my chat logs under the user name MIZZEE

In early 2020, I made the award winning film about the experience called ‘KOOB’, and you can watch it below

This was a film that explored how the Russian mafia virtually controlled all cam-girl sites, for the purpose of inserting trojan viruses into users computers.

Then, in late 2020, I completed part 2 of this investigation with a film with the unlikely and verbose title of ‘ROOM 7 What I would do for $5 was everything (how the Universe entered me through Room 7)’

Gemini Film Partners have had this film on the pre-public release film festival circuit for the last year – and to date, it has won 21 film festivals. It looks like being my most successful film ever.

It offers a unique insight and behind the scenes look at a cam girl (me), and through my captured chat logs, shows the mentality and throught process of a cam girl in this very low rent sexual space

Hero Image Missy Jubilee Crescent Head The Future Sex Love Art Projekt Image Ref 2000 pixels 28

Gemini Film Partners has planned Room 7’s public release for November 2022, to time with the selection season opening for the 2023 Academy Awards ‘Best Documentary’ category.

In the words of John Lydon of Public Image ‘This is what you want, this is what you get”