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This isn’t porn. This is the most honest look at what it’s like to be a woman with a sexual nature I can think of. Forgive me for risking sounding corny, but Missy Jubilee may just be a prophet.
— Emily P, blogger & writer

If you like what I'm on about with this projekt, it would mean the world to me if you are able to donate a little money to allow me to continue to dedicate my time to it.

To help us finish this project, please consider becoming a patron of the project on Patreon. Just click HERE

Just contribute what you think it is worth.

So here's the dot points about becoming a patron:

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  • You can give from $5 per film up to $10,000 per film

  • You can give a billion dollars if you really want to. I'm not going to say no.

  • You can cancel your commitment at any time

  • You can upgrade or downgrade your commitment at any time

  • You can see all the rewards you get for each patron level by clicking the button above

  • You only get charged per major release (you don't get charged for previews)

  • You can budget on one release per month

I’m sorry I’m not a billionaire, because I would give you all the money you needed
— Michael. Ottawa, Canada


  • You get benefits when you become a patron

  • $5 per film Patron - website listing of patron status

  • $10 per film Patron - project supporter credit in each film

  • $25 per film Patron - Associate Producer credit in each film

  • $100 per film Patron - Producer credit in each film

  • $250 per film Patron - Associate Executive Producer credit in each film

  • $1000 per film Patron - Executive Producer credit in each film (how Hollywood is that), and the Executive Producer credit will carry through to the feature length film releases (5)

  • $2500 per film Patron - this is the gold standard. Super dooper patron. Your credit is right at the start of every film (all other credits are at the end of each film) - and will read 'Presented by Appaloosa Duck & Your Name' (Appaloosa Duck is our production company), you will get your own named directors chair to take home with you and put by your pool, and you'll get a personally signed & messaged, high quality, high res 48" release poster of each film for your office or home (we only print 3 of these. 1 for our production offices. 1 for the MOMA New York exhibition and 1 for you). Also, the first super patron gets the towel used in the 1st Orgasm film, and there's only one of them. Woohoo. 

With Thanks To:

  • Paul McMullin/UK
  • Bernard Glynn/Australia
  • David Huff/USA
  • Chris Gymer/Australia

Our goal is to have all 250 films playing as an art installation on 250 individual screens on loop at the Tate Modern and MOMA in New York.

I saw the Warhol film installation 10 years ago at both museums under the same conditions, and it changed my idea of what art could be in a gallery setting.

This for us represents success. Not a Hollywood film deal. I hope to meet you one day at the Tate Modern. Trust me. I am serious (although you should never trust anyone who says 'trust me')

So my question to you is, would you like to see your name up on the screens at The Tate Modern and MOMA New York as a supporter of this project?

Every Patron gets a credit. See, there is such a thing as a win-win situation. Even in art.

With Thanks To:

  • Jay Hatcher/USA
  • Lance Youston/USA
  • Wouter Dobbelaere/Belgium
  • Peter Schlesinger/UK
  • Christian Queen /USA

I ask for donations, not to make a fistful of dollars, but to just cover my costs and be able to do this full-time so I can complete it within my 5 year goal. 

Each film takes about 100 hours to complete, and I try to get one out every week. If you do the math, it just doesn't compute sometimes.

I think that is it. Thank you for watching, and thank you for visiting. Hope to see you in the credits

With Thanks To:

  • Ade Oh/Uk
  • Marcin Kolasa/Poland
  • Jan Martz/Switzerland
  • Ronald Puhle/Germany
  • Ventura/Australia
  • Alan Rogers/Uk
  • Babbitt Da Wabbitt/Usa
  • Robert Pearce/Uk
  • Christopher Kovac/Usa
  • Eric Marak/India
  • David Twigg
  • Martin Fellner/Austria
  • Richard Thomas/USA
  • David Miller/Australia
  • Piotr Mirowski/Poland
  • James Ross
  • Jim Shrake/USA
  • Daniel J Adams/USA
  • Clayton is That Guy

How Patreon Works

Patreon is a crowdfunding site. Similar to Kickstarter, Patreon’s goal is to create an ecosystem where fans can support creators directly. Like Kickstarter, Patreon only takes 5% of money pledged, plus whatever the credit card company takes. 

Patreon is different than Kickstarter in that it is built for ongoing projects. Patrons give a specified amount, and that money automatically comes out every month. As a Patron, you can set a monthly limit on the amount you want to give each creator you support. You can increase, decrease or cancel you pledge easily at any time.

With Thanks To:

  • T.P. Coode/USA
  • Peter Connolly/Ireland
  • Antonello/Italy
  • Brian Watson/USA
  • Robert Fink/USA
  • Raquel Martins/Tvi/Portugal
  • Katarzyna Szczerbowska/Poland
  • Bas Van Den Boom/Eindhoven
  • Chris Abele/USA
  • Eveline Pothof/TBA
  • David Whitelaw/UK
  • Carlo Simone/Italy
  • Paul McMullin
  • Esbjörn Overbeck
  • Jens Geffert
  • suniseclipsed

Donation stings:

These are the donation stings. They are a little creative exercise for me to relax, where I can use the footage and songs that haven't found a place in a film. All the text is relatively the same, but the footage and songs have not been seen

I have learned more from you in the 8 films I have seen, than I have in my previous 39 years of life
— Eric Rhodes

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