Other True Slut Stories


For 15 years I've felt alone in the world with my weirdness. Then I talked to people like me. These are those people.

This is an art project, as literature, as people, as personalities, as lives lived, as mistakes made, as lessons learnt. Real people evolving sexually over time, space and imagination.

Honest. Sexy. Brave. Insane. Beautiful. Because of their truthful originality.

But most importantly, because they refuse to blend in.  

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Richard talks about Exhibitionism


Richard: I have been an exhibitionist for as long as I have been aware of sex, so it goes back to my early teenage years. I have to admit that I am a bit of a voyeur as well.

My childhood home faced at the rear another house which also presented its rear to us. A young couple had moved in and I guess they must have been exhibitionists too, but at the tender age of 15, I did not know what that was. All I knew was that they would bath together with the curtains open - the window was frosted but at night with the light on, you could clearly see their bodies and she had very nice breasts. The best place to be was in our upstairs toilet with the window open a crack, so I could watch their ablutions and activities without being disturbed (provided other members of my family did not want to use the toilet of course).

So I would stand there stroking my erect penis, whilst this couple would be in the bathroom, knowing that afterwards, they would walk into their bedroom, put the light on and she would walk across to the window to close the curtains, giving me a splendid view of her voluptuous body - being only 15, I would often ejaculate at that point. However, the curtains themselves were of a flimsy blue material and semi-transparent, so I could watch them kissing and cuddling naked together in front of the window, even though the curtains were closed.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander I thought, so sometimes at night after my parents had gone to bed, I would sneak downstairs into the kitchen stark naked and hard and put the light on, so if the couple at the back happened to look out, they could see me, as I pretended to get a glass of water. The thought that they might watch me as I would watch them, would get me very aroused of course.

Missy questions Slayer


What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?

My cock. It looks so suckable.

What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?

I like oral sex with both sexes.

When have you been most embarrassed sexually?

During group sex and I couldn’t get hard.

What is your favorite sexual thing to be done to you?


What is your favorite sexual act to do to someone else?


When do you feel most sexual exposed?

On the beach.

Missy questions MrD


What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?

Eyes, arms & shoulders, penis (typical thing for a guy to say).  

What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?

Nothing to add here really, I’m cheeky, naughty and not inhibited so I don’t care what people think. I used to get around a lot, I had a lot of fun and I think most people that know me would have expected me to be a bit of a man slut.

When have you been most embarrassed sexually?

Not sure really, I remember a time when I was in London and hooked up with a page 3 model, we both had way too much Charlie and a too many drinks and couldn’t even get a boner. We tried to for hours but no joy – Stanley wouldn’t come out to play. I was a bit embarrassed at the time I guess but too stoned to care, we had fun though.

What is your favorite sexual thing to be done to you?

I love good oral sex – there’s nothing like a good head job from someone that knows what they are doing. If they don’t know what they are doing then it’s very disappointing.

What is your favorite sexual act to do to someone else?

I love sex outdoors in public places, I think the thought of getting busted adds to the excitement. I also love to give oral sex, I love the smell and taste of a woman’s pussy plus knowing that I’m getting her off while sucking, licking, nibbling & teasing her with my tongue and fingers is a great turn on for me (and her hopefully).

When do you feel most sexual exposed?

I guess when I’m with someone for the first time, it takes time to really know and understand your partner sexually. When learning about what she likes and doesn’t like this is when I want to impress my partner and can be a bit nervous – I’m not sure if I feel sexually exposed though.

My Big Hard Cock


I want that sexy pussy here under me, letting me drive my big hard cock deep inside of you. Moaning as it fills you up, your nails clawing at my back begging for more. My lips wrapped around your nipple, licking and sucking as I thrust my cock deeper and deeper inside of you. Then wrap your legs around my waist so I can lift you up and start fucking you against the wall, driving deep and hard until your body is trembling and you start begging for my cum;)

I would love to push my thick hard dick into your dripping wet pussy. Not all at once, but inch by inch so you can feel every little movement, we'll go slowly at first pushing deeper and harder then get faster. Fucking you so hard that your boobs are bouncing with each thrust. Then I will take my middle finger and shove it in your ass to help stimulate you, and make you cum all over my big dick. When you cum I will fuck you harder making the orgasm last as long as possible. Then I will shove my cock all the way inside you, making you scream my name and beg me to cum. Harder and harder, faster and faster. Then I will pull myself free of you and cum all over those beautiful tits. Then I will let you clean my cock with your mouth, making me hard again and getting ready for more;)

Parking Lot action


SatisfyYourFire: I would love to have you come out to the parking lot and ride me in my car with your skirt up around your hips and your panties slide a lil to the side so my cock stretches that lil pussy as it struggles to wrap around my cock,and i cum deep inside you, explodng all my cum in that lil pussy. then slide your panties back and your skirt back as if it never happened,and have you return to work with my cum seepin out of you the rest of the day til it makes your panties stick against your pussy. Its our secret and you are reminded all day who craves that pussy and who is gonna take you again when you get home.

Gina on Feet


I don't get the feet thing but guys love mine for some reason. I had a guy ask me for my shoe size and he said he would mail me shoes and I could model them for him and he wanted to see them covered in cum!   Another guy wanted to fly me out to meet and and model for him is his 250,000 dollar shoe collection

Gina on Rape


Ok well I am kinda like you I don't like the word rape it is really a bad thing when people say it and we all know what comes to mind when it is said. I like more of the turn forced and really rough sex. To me it is being made to do something that you don't want to do and even do want to do but you are not sure if you should are scared to do something. I think what draws you to that is you like having all control taken away and just made to do what your partner wants you to so you don't have that feeling of shame like you did something bad that you would regret. I have been with a guy before and he liked it "rough" it could be great at time other time it was ok but that is how I am if I am in the mood for it it is great if I am not then it was ok. He really got into the name calling which I did also cause I love to talk a ton while I am having sex. But in order to do that kinda fantasy it is really hard as I found out first hand but to everyone it is different I just don't find I have the make up for it. There is no forcing it in my mouth I am down there asking for it and you can tell I want it I am sure I could do a better job of it now that I really understand what he wanted and likes but I would really have to be in that kinda mood for it which I hardly ever am really.

Followup questions for Gina


Gina: Best thing anyone has said has happened a few times really I have had complete strangers (females) walk up to me and tell me that I have the most beautiful legs and they wish they had legs like that. 

Missy: What do you say, and what is their reaction?

Gina: Well I always thank them and tell them I have gotten that before but it is always shocking to me kinda and they normally say oh good they don't want to think they are crazy lol!!

Missy: Tell me, why do you dress as a woman?

Gina: Oh wow I could go on for day with this one and in about a 10000 different directions easiest one is I few most comfortable inside when I am it is like the peace comes over me and I don't feel like I am forcing it are over doing it if that makes any sense. 

Missy: Do you prefer mens or womens lips?

Gina: Women's women's women's women's women's on and women's LOL they are softer and way better kisses and just have way more passion! 

Missy: What is the worst reaction you have ever received?

Gina: Worst reaction was I told a friend of mine that I was very close to just cause I needed someone to talk to about this I could not keep it inside any more and she kinda looked at me like I was crazy and asked me not to dress like that around her and we don't even talk any more. 

Missy: What is the best reaction you have ever received?

Gina: Best reaction would be most of the men I have been with they accept me like that and don't treat me any different form a normal girl!

OliX answers some questions

2008.06.07 011.jpg

What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?

I have a nice back, a nice bum, most of all i have a really nice looking cock apparently

What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?

to know i have been the third person, the second man for several couples wanting to spice up their sex lives

When have you been most embarrassed sexually?

Doing a massive huge fart just as a girl was going down on me, was quite funny

What is your favorite sexual thing to be done to you?

teased and turned on, in so many different ways it is hard to list

What is your favorite sexual act to do to someone else?

undress slowly, lick, tease, touch to bursting point  again and again and again and then fuck

When do you feel most sexual exposed?

when i have been having a wank, you are lost in the moment, you forget where you are anybody could walk past or come in but thats fine u can quickly cover up, but the moment you cum, cover yourself in cum then you are really vulnerable, you waddle about the flat, trousers down looking for tissue, just before-not a problem, just after-vulnerable

Missy & Gina talk about cocks


Gina: Here is the picture of that cock on that site I wanted you to check but you can't cause they don't like you to show your kitty porn on their site lmao

Missy: no, they don't like my kitty porn, it's just too furry for them. hmmm, yes, it is a cock. I don't know, I think I have cock blindness. Exposure to too many cocks in too small a space of time.

Gina: Lmao I think that could be a side effect of posting so many on your site!! I don't know what it is with me and cocks like that the guy does not even have to be cute but if he has a great looking cock like that I want him. On women I admire all their entire body every single curvy from head to toe and just be in aw of it with guys there is not that level of attraction at time tho guess I just really want that one thing does that make me a slave to their cock? Food for thought

Missy: Do you mean cock for thought? Oh, sorry, for you that is food. Do you get all your daily vitamins and minerals from eating cock? Can someone live on cum alone?. This is a experiment that should be undertaken

Gina: LOL I like that cock for thought!! I think that might be one thing I am open to trying just have to find enough guys that are willing to feed me!

Jeremy answers some Questions

What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?

Jeremy: A round sexy firm ass to seduce woman

What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?

Jeremy: love woman to fingerfuck my asshole to cum

When have you been most embarrassed sexually?

Jeremy: never

What is your favorite sexual thing to be done to you?

Jeremy: exhibiting in public letting perverts watch

When do you feel most sexual exposed?

Jeremy: at the beach

My mum saw my Boner

SuperBonerBoy: As God is my witness, this is a true story:
About 2 years ago, my very nice friend Laura was over at my place. She was my employer at the time, but she was really good looking (she moved away, though). I guess we were trying to spice up our business relationship, because she liked to come over here and get drunk sometimes. Anyway, she was drinking Vodka with me. One thing led to another… She was sitting down and I was standing up. I had my pants down, etc. Unfortunately, I had neglected to lock the front door, or even close it all the way. The next thing I know, my mom comes waltzing in, unannounced. I had a huge hard-on, and I was rubbing it on Laura's face. My mom got quite an eye-full, so she just turned on her heel and left. Some people might’ve been more embarrassed about it, but I just felt like: “Hey. This is who I am!”.

Missy asks the same questions of Gina


What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?

Most say my legs and my ass. Best thing anyone has said has happened a few times really I have had complete strangers (females) walk up to me and tell me that I have the most beautiful legs and they wish they had legs like that. 

What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?

Well this one is really easy! That I dress as a women! Most people have not idea at all and it blows there mind some have even seen pictures of me and did not believe that it was really me lol

When have you been most embarrassed sexually?

I am not sure I am really embarrassed but I am nervous when meeting someone as a women cause I never know if they will give me one look and say no sorry you look like a guy lol

What is your favorite sexual thing to be done to you?

I would say kiss all over my body and touch me softly all over I just love the feel of someone's lips on my body and there fingers!

What is your favorite sexual act to do to someone else?

Well with guys I love to go down on them and suck there cock LOL!! With girls I love to kiss on there body and tease them softly till you know they just have to have you in them!

When do you feel most sexual exposed? 

Oh easily when I am dressed as a girl it is scary and you just feel so exposed cause you don't know if you are really pulling it off are how someone will even react to you at all!!

Gina asks Missy questions about Sex


Gina: What part of your body do people like on you and say looks great? And what is the best thing they have said about it?
Missy: My vagina. That if there was ever a Miss World Best Virgina contest that I would win it. Really, I have no idea how you would judge such a contest. Personally, I'm not sure I'd even want to be known for that, even if I did understand the judging criteria. But beggars can't be choosers.

Gina: What is the one thing people would be shocked to know about you sexually?
Missy: That I have a rape fantasy that's pretty up there on my sexual top of the pop's. No I don't want to be raped. I have a rape fantasy. They are two very different things.

Gina: When have you been most embarrassed sexual?
Missy: When I make a move and it isn't responded to. I fixed that now. I don't do anything, so all the pressure is on them

Gina: What is your favorite thing sexually to be done to you?
Missy: Having my nipples played with. It makes me want to have sex immediately

Gina: What is your favorite sexual act to do to someone else?
Missy: Give myself to someone and say ' knock yourself out homeboy, do whatever you want'. Charity is my favourite act to do for someone else.

Gina: When do you feel most sexually exposed?
Missy: Is this a trick question?

Missy questions Gina

Missy: when were you most scared in a sexual situation?

Gina: a guy brought me back home after meeting me out and he did not know I had a cock was not sure how he would react.

Missy: How did he react?

Gina: He was a little shocked at first but we just kept going like there it was not really there at all. I was not really sure how he would react you never really know but we really hit it off and were both into each other so we just went with the flow and it was pretty good!

Missy: What is the perfect size cock to you?

Gina: For me he would be about 8 are 9 inches long and very thick like about 4 inches I love a thick cock but a thick one that is that long hits my spot that when he goes all the way in it makes me shoot cum every where!!!

Missy: Have you ever had one that was too big, and if so, what did it feel like?

Gina: I have had some larger ones before they hurt a little but we just went slow and they were about to get it all in. I have a act for being able to relax my body and not tighten up. If you are relaxed you will kinda be shocked how there is no pain at all well maybe a little but it is the good kinda pain!!!

Missy: Where is off limits to a guy to shoot cum at to you?

Gina: IN MY DAMN HAIR!!! I took the time to do it I don't want to do it again lol!!!

Missy: Would you let him come in your ear??

Gina: LOL no dont think the ear but then again I don't think anyone has asked me to let them cum there before and I am such a little cum whore I am sure I would turn my head and catch it before it got there lol!!!

Gina. Fantasies


Missy: What is a very strong fantasy you have that you have not yet made real, but hope to one day. What is a very strong fantasy you have that you have not yet made real, but in your mind you know you will never make real because it would go beyond where you are prepared to go in real life.

Gina: I would have to go with the double vagina thing here just cause it is new to me and I find it so interesting and so wild in my eyes at least to have 2 people inside at the same time everyone has to be so open and just willing to go all the way with no one holding anything back at all. 

I have thought about having 2 guys in me at once and have been asked to do it even but I am not sure I would even go that far just cause I don't think my body could handle it and I am not even sure I would want my body to handle it at all But with the right couple I can't say never really cause I am the kinda person that if I think about it enough I will be open to do.

10 Questions for BlueFox

1. What part of a womans body do you find most attractive?

Perhaps legs, women sure look good in skirts.

2. What part of a man's body do you find most attractive?

Never thought about it. Shoulders and arms perhaps.

3. When were you the most turned on ever in your life and what was the situation?

In my room with my gf and people in nearby rooms. We were playing with each other. The risk of getting caught perhaps.

4. When were you most scared in a sexual situation?

Up to now, none

5. What is the one thing you want to do the most sexually that you have never done?

One of anal or sex in the woods. There is some not far from my home, go for a walk together before heading into the bushes.

6. What is the one thing a girl can do to you that just pushes you over the edge sexually and makes you want it right then and there?

Take off her clothes, if she is showing her vagina then she wants me to do something with it.

7. What is something you want to do to another guy and what would you like them to do back to you?

Threesome with a girl.

8. What do you think your sexual limit is? Where do you draw the line not meaning nasty stuff you not into but things you like.

Unsure, there is a list of things I would like to do but nothing I don't want to do at present.

9. What is the perfect vagina to you?

As long as not too hairy. I believe a vagina can be unique to a particular female and thus special.

10. Where have you been told by a woman that you can't come on a part of her body. What parts of the bod?

None really 

Gina. Awwwwww Crap!


Gina: This is the story behind the question I answered about when I was most turned on. So I meet this guy online we start to visit and chat some he is nice fun to talk to sounds like fun after a few weeks of talking he ask me to go over and meet him so I say well sure why not! So I get there dressed very sluty as always! We have a glass of wine and it is nice out so we go sit in the court yard on the side of the house. The court yard is the length of the house with a very high brick wall on the other side of it is a very busy street with a lot of foot traffic. Well we are out there having our wine talking and well of course I say what a great place this is to have sex with people on the other side of the wall walking around and ask if he had ever done that there he tells me no never but has thought about it a few times but never meet anything willing to do it with him. Well you know how I am if there is something that comes to my head it will happen. So I stand up go over to his chair he is sitting lift my already way to short dress and pull my panties to the side letting my clit slide out grab him by the head and put his face on it forcing him to suck me. And wow!!! He is great he gives me the single greatest blow job I have ever gotten I mean I could not even control my self which I kinda tried to. I am moaning and screaming some kinda loud at that and I know cause I can hear people on the other side saying stuff about it which made it even hotter. Well I can't even hold back and I cum and he just keeps going and swallows me. I fall back on to this little outdoor couch he has and we just start kissing and I can still taste the my cum on him as we kiss and I just start pulling off his cloths and he is doing the same to me. I push him back and make him stand there while I start to suck him getting his cock really hard and seeing how much I can turn him on. All the while I can hear people walking by talking about what was going on just on the other side if this wall I even think a few asked if they could join in. So I can tell he is getting there just about ready to explode and he pushes me off him and say he has to have me right here now! He grabs me turns me around and just shoves it in all the way and I let out what felt like the loudest scream/moan I had ever let out and in the back ground just in the other side of this wall I hear a few people let out a cheerl!!! So he just start fucking me so hard and I can't hold back are even try to keep the sounds coming out of me low and the louder I get the harder he fucks till he just explodes inside me in one final thrust shoving it as deep as he can go! He slides him self out of me and I instantly feel what I thinks is a river of cum just start flowing out of me. He says lets go inside and clean you up a little takes my hand and brings me to the bathroom hands me a towel and I start to clean up I had cum every where It had run out of me all the way  down my legs almost into me heels and me being 5'8 with some damn long legs is not easy to do. So I get all cleaned up and walk into the bedroom and he is laying there in his bed and he looks at me and says damn that looks sexy you just standing there in your bra and heels he comes over and take me to the bed lays me down and we go at it again we must have fucked for another 2 hours after that till he filled me with another huge load. So the night is over I tell him I am heading home he say ok he is to burned out to even get out of the bed I get out of the bed and look at just my cloths all over the place my bra and shoes across the floor pick them up my dress is out side in the court yard my panties on the table his cloths thrown a cross the court yard pick my stuff and head home. Well few days later my sister is having a birthday party for her son my god son and I am sitting there talking with her and her boyfriend and there son he is telling me who everyone is there most are his family his sisters and aunts and uncles. And I hear the door close behind me and they all say hey look who finally made I hear someone say hello yeah finally was a little busy but I am here now. I turn around and awwwww crap it is him the guy I had just a few nights before had some of the best sex of my life with My face almost drops but I keep it together and say hello nice to meet you and act like nothing at all and he does the same which I can totally tell he want to just busy out laughing just as I do also So at some point in the party we end up alone in the kitchen and and he leans in and says wow that was really fun the other night kisses me on the neck and and grabs my ass Well I think the next night I went out and got back in it was a little late so I logged on to check my email and see who was online and right as I log on he logs on also and say hey there what you up to? So we chat a few mins talk about our nights out and how funny it was running into each other at that party and how we should most likely not do what we did that night again we both agree and tell the other one we about to log off I say I am about to do the same then he says well you know I don't think one more time will hurt I mean the sex was out of this world I told I will be there in 5 mins leave the door unlocked lol!!

I rush there go in the back door right to his bedroom he meets me at the door and the cloths just freaking start flying every where We fucked till the early morning hours till we both fell asleep and could not go any more I lost count how many times I came and he did but I know it was a lot So we had fallen asleep really early in the morning must have been about 5 are 6am and I am dead asleep all out of NO WHERE my eyes just fly open and I look at him and his eyes do the same and we hear hello are you up yet. It is my sister in the back ground hide what ever girl you got we came to drop off some stuff for you! He flys out of bed grabs his robe and meets them in the hall way and stops them and start talking to them I just froze and pulled the covers over my head till I could tell they where back in the living room slipped out of bed and started looking for my clothes. I can hear them talking in the living room I grab my stuff shoes check skirt check top check bra check crap where did my panties go damn it I hear my sister start walking down the hall I dive in the bathroom in the bedroom and hide I hear her say what the hell is this I look out the crack of the door and she is holding my damn panties He starts to laugh and say well damn that is where they ended up she could not find them when she was leaving this morning. My sister starts laughing and say well at least the panties are cute where you want me to put them? He say just bring them here to me and I will put them some where. She say guess you can add them to the your collection of all the other little sluts you banged and forgot stuff here then. He bust out laughing and say something like that. I jumped out of the bathroom in to the extra bedroom and hide under the bed while my sister was using the bathroom after she was done they all went in the kitchen to sit and talk some I jumped up put on the cloths I found and ran out the slide door jumped in my car and drove my ass home with out my damn panties I was just lucky I parked in the back are my sister would have pulled up there and parked right behind me and then there would have been a lot of explaining to be done Now that is a reason you never sleep over are let them stay past what you should Damn that was fun tho Xoxo Gina