Film synopsis by Missy Jubilee
This is a film
with fluttering pages
somewhat higher than the grimey underbelly
It is enigmatic representation
of Mother Nature’s phallus,
the fierce art of Jean-Michel Basquiat,
and my experience with both of them
I dig on on the movements 
of the penis
and the psychotherapy
they can initiate

They are fit for painting,
all neat and tidy

Their abstract form 
defies conformity
but their actions
define Dostoevsky’s loss of control

They all do their best
Big old beams
that fuck with reality
and the ownersip of such an enterprise
engenders pride 
like a Starship
Better than a loose cluster of components,
they can flip the pages 
of the Universe,
and are capable of rearranging vaginas
with their satisfactory comfortable form

Not giving a fuck 
is about as good an antidote 
to any size aggravation
a man may feel

Prescribe that attitude to yourself

Because they are not some kind of alien species

They are attached
to suffering individuals,
locked up in insecurity
inside an imaginary cage
behind bars so tight
that confidence can’t get in

But they can
touch another human being

Intimately. Completely

The hand, the mouth and this organ
have the same power of chemistry,
but not the same feeling.

Not the same connection

Not the same truth
Nobody is an island
and the penis and the vagina
are only separated
by attraction and availability

Categories designed
so that we may function
in an awful prison
called lack of connection


What are they really about?

Are they sincere?
Do they seek to control?
Do they love?
Do they feel badly in isolation?
Do they have anxiety issues?
Do they get depressed?
Do they ghost, and get ghosted?

No-one gets too close
to understand the feelings
of a penis

it involves sex

And nobody can control that
because it’s not a singular calling
Sex is a
form of expression
easiest to imitate,
and it always feels good
in some part of the body.

It makes
something feel alive


A hologram
of a desire to live
a non linear life

Enough to captivate
the fascination of others

An erection
is an invitation
to turn the page
with another person
Each page a metaphor
Each page a prescription
Each page a memory
So let your penis dance
Like nobody’s watching
When the music is playing