Sudden Movements Will Be Deemed Whorish

Deemed Whorish. What a great name. Not saying it's a good name for a baby with no decision making ability or leverage in the name selection process, or for that matter - sense of good taste, but I'm going to name one of my personailties that.

Hello Miss Whorish, how are you today?.

Oh please, just call me Deemed.

Deemed it is then.



It's Washing Day. Shame Me.

Sometimes mum's need to understand that they may have had some part in Ronnie's future secret life as a submissive at BDSM clubs. All obsession starts somewhere.


No-one Here But Me

How can you be alone in such a crowded busy world, over run with 6 billion humans?.


Also, I thought this might be rice, but now I'm not sure.


Kimmi. Look At Me

Everyone is so disconnected and doing their own thing in this photo. Whoever is holding this meeting is not in control.


Get This Shit Right For Once. It's Embarrassing.

A female Robocop falls to earth, and again, finds herself, like Arnie, without pants at the start of her mission. Seriously, do you have to go through a no clothes returned nudist colony for this time travel thing to work? You'd think we could get route scheduling right, us being so evolved and all.



Seriously, I was just wrapping some Xmas presents, and then this happened. You'll never guess where I put the card. Surprise! Ohh....sorry.


Beast of Burden

Or a burden.


But so is giving birth, and no-one ever said that was a hobby, or a way of life, so there's that.