Missy Jubilee. 059. A Fucking Music Video. FULL SCRIPT

Thought Bubble 1:
The needs based cross-species friendship between my music & my sex

This is a film pretending to be a music video
It is a film essay about my very sexual relationship with music
And since I can only emote my emotions through writing, music & film
It is a film about who I am, and how I think visually & sonically
Presented in a series of narrative thought bubble vignettes
It is a poetic rendering of growing up angsty
With music louder than bombs

If you make it to the end of this film
There is a bonus
A preview of episode 251: a fucking pussy flick
This is how this whole 250 film project ends
It is a meta variation of the last line
Of episode 16: 1st orgasm
A journey from there to here
From that happy to this happy
And it ends where it starts
With my pussy on display
At the beach
For everyone to see

Introduction Sequence:
For Christ sake, is there any fucking in this music video?

Swipe right for happy
One could consider onself lucky
If your darkest thoughts hold your eyes
To the fire
To help you see
What makes your trick
Go Tock
Music is my tock
swipe right for happy

A short list of big shit to conquer: self image
'A picture a girl who took a nosedive from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down'

  • Matt Damon (Private Ryan) Saving Private Ryan

This is a public service announcement
We are facing an imminent existential crisis
On April 14, 1983 - David Bowie Said 'Let's Dance'

Without Dance
There is no love
Without love
There is no passion
Then What are we?
72% of people have stopped
Partaking in the art of dancing
And in 15 years
98% of us will cease to dance
We must stimulate the world
To dance again

  • Basement JAXX/TWERKBOT

I agree with MR JAXX's view on this subject

If you can't dance, you can't fuck

I also agree with the anonymous wisdom of this quote
Take it as read that I agree with all quotes I have selected for this film

Drum Roll....And...
Repairing a mind is like repairing a car
You have to take everything apart
Then you put it all back together
Reprogramming a broken mind is not fucking easy
And it probably isn't suppose to be
Otherwise everyone would be doing it

The failure of spiritual beauty when it meets with no resistance
In 1994, I was coming around really, really slowly
To the idea that the answer was outside me
A violence had crept into deep of me
And it needed to be curbed. Or atleast diverted
Away from alienation. And towards someone/something else
Music said yo bitch. Pick me
Same shit. Different ego

You gotta pay the price. And it ain't gonna be nice

I think judgement
Could be considered an extreme sport
If we had a
Psychological olympic games

You can hear a scratchy noise
I ask myself: What are my chances of finishing this project
Given the relentless emotional toll it seems to extract from me

  1. Being open to it
  2. Believing it is possible
  3. Being unrealistic might help
    This music & vision is me taking a break from the grind
    And doing something a little different

Sex appeal on the fly doesn't follow form
In real life
I act like a good girl
But I'm not
I'm a good girl because
I really want to believe in
Love, Integrity & Respect
I'm a bad girl because I like to tease
I know that I have
Some sort of sex appeal
In my deck of cards
But I only use it to get people thinking
That's what the stories in my music do
[Katy Perry]

For me as a filmmaker
Is finally only about one thing
Going into a room alone
And doing it
Putting vision, sounds & thoughts together
That have never been put
That way before
It is a lot like masturbation
And although I am physically by myself
That haunting demon never leaves me
That demon being the knowledge of
My own terrible limitations
My hopeless inadequacy
And the impossibility of ever getting it right
That's exactly how I feel about sex too
Missy Jubilee. 34 years of age
4th April, 2016

Sexxx hole
Sex as a hole
Sex and holes
Sex to fill a hole
Sex to create a hole
What's with all the holes? Who designed this?
Is this socrates moonlighting? Why all the complications?
Why not just run around filling holes
What the use of an empty hole?
But nature say a hole is defined by it's emptiness
Hole and whole. They sound the same
Almost look the same but are completely opposite
One full one empty
Empty holes are sad
Unless you're a gravedigger
Then they're a good days work

Episode 251 preview
A fucking pussy flick

On christmas day three months ago
We took our cat splat to the beach
For the first time
Our dog daisy came along too
This is me living life in the present
This is me happy.
Finally I have learnt that I need loving things in my life
It calms me
This is a cat video. As self medication
For the journey most travelled

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