Missy Jubilee. 062.1 Box. FULL SCRIPT

This is a short preview of the upcoming film 'NYMPH'
From the age of 14 to 16, I grew up locked in a box

When I was 14, my parents separated from themselves, and me
I was not angry, I was not sad, it was a stage of life to get through
So for the next two years, I locked myself in a box called my skin

Two years of swimming in the hot air of sexual development
While having a sticky conversation with my body

I just thought about sex
Quietly borrowing the mind of slut zero
To achieve a sense of belonging in the sexual picture
Finally in touch with my inner monkey

And a developing awareness of the birth of
The nymph in me

NYMPH is a film about what happened after I escaped from my box
A time when I came into the peace of the wild things
Who do not tax their minds with a conscience

Episode 62. NYPMH OCTOBER 2016

Sometimes in life you cross a thin line
A line so thin it didn't even matter