Missy Jubilee. 058. Fucking Dreams FULL SCRIPT

This film details the delusional dreaming & events
Of the night & morning after the episodes 'PRAISE', 'VOYEUR' & 'PREQUEL'

You really should watch those episodes before watching this episode
Otherwise you will be completely confused

However, if you wish to exit this film in a confused state,
I fully support your constitutional right to do so

Like jack, this memory is complex

It is one story, told over three consecutive films
This is slut 1. 'fucking dreams'. The next episode is slut 2: 'dirty little slut'
And the final episode in the series is slut 3: 'slut zero'

It's all downhill from here, so come kerb kreeping with me
As a slut swims in her skin, naked & loose
Through my teenage jungle of crystalline desire
In a psychedelic psycho-sexual sex-less encounter of the artful kind,
Set to a kaleidoscopic experimental soundscape

Side note:
Just to be clear, the slut referred to above is not me
I hate having to live up to expectations
Especially hyperbolic ones

This film contains nudity, sand rash & non-sexual lesbian worship
Not necessarily in that order


Is that GOD?

But I have question...
What if you realized
You had the power
To change everything

MISSY JUBILEE is not a trademark of the fuck fuck fuck corporation

What's this Doris?

This is Episode 58 of 250
It's about a fat single white female. Age 14
Only when we know
Who we are, can we
know freedom...'

The future sex love art projekt synopsis in 12 words
SLUT(Noun) A woman with the morals of man
A film about the original sin of shamelessness
The following is a reconstruction of a lived experience

Goodbye guilt, Hello shame
This was the year I started to walk down my darkest path
And I had no app to see how this shit would change who I was sexually
But I did have a red balloon as a metaphor for desire
Cupidity/Noun: Excessive desire to possess something, greed

Another Missy Jubilee psycho self porn trait

In 1994 , at the age of 14
I would meet another female who would change my sexuality forever
I call her slut zero. I never met her. I just watched her for two hours
And I learnt everything I needed to know
About the only unique super power women possess.
The creation of illicit, wanton desire

Chapter One: Verse One. My Private Slut
In the beginning, sex education projected itself on me
And I watched myself watching my fathers infidelity
For what seemed like my whole childhood
It had me searching for love
With all the wrong weapons
I would learn that sunshine is a more effective weapon than fire
A dream about consequence pushed me in a different direction
It was such an innocent nightmare back then, that first morning

In 1994, the dreams started
11 years later....
2005 rusted out soul hole

Me. What have you got for recurring nightmares
About committing murder by firebombing

Psychiatrist: oh don't worry about those
Everybody has dreams of outlandish acts

Me I didn't explain it very well doctor
The murder is mine. Of myself. Of my essence
Every night as punishment for my enjoyment
Of the act of shaming myself,
Because I am a disgrace

The last supposition supersedes the first.
Its very circular
And also possibly melodramatic

I should add that the nightmare doesn't stop.
As they say down south,
This motherfucker runs wide open

Psychiatrist' let me ask you a question,
Who do you think owns your subconscious mind?

Me: the one I make deals with
Your soul lacks beauty. It will be the death of you'
-'the possessed' by fyodor dostoevsky

July 12, 1994
Powers that be
Powers unseen
Until today

And I would willingly let those things be my self-sadistic weakness

Part 2. Oh Man. Judgment Day
The next morning. The start of a 20 year flip-out
Location: 26.3980° S. 153.0930° E
(Not an exact photo representation)
The dream was so real, I was convinced I had actually done it
I realized my life needed to go in a different direction
And that direction needed to be
Away from following my father every night
Away from watching him have illicit, Wanton, Unfaithful sex
Away from the brutal self-torment inflicted deep in me
The most opposite thing to that I came up with was
Going and sitting on the beach by myself

Even though we lived by the beach in australia
Up to that point, you would not classify me as
As a beach person

I watched tv, ate biscuits, practised obesity & got fat on self loathing
The beach was not for me. It was hot, sandy & peopled
But, if the world is uncomfortable enough
We find other places to go

I had fallen out with the concept of fitting in
Prior to this day in my life - I got in where I fitted in
And that was hidden in between the shadows
But Today, I would find a sexual answer of sorts
Not a religion, but future way out

My life would become slowly inverted, perverted
Diverted by a chance encounter
Converted to a new way of thinking about sexuality & shame
From this day on, they could judge me all they liked
I had no feelings anymore. And I had no ability to care or love

They were my thoughts
As I walked along the beach
And sat down to stare at the sea
And then I saw her

It is well known that a parasite needs a host
And she looked like she tasted of danger
Such is the nature of things
Have you ever wondered
What it would be like to have a mind so agile
It could take on the belief system of another instantaneously?

To be continued, Episode 59
Slut 2: Peep Show

Is there any fucking in this film?

Getting gods attention for being bad
Is better than getting no attention at all
Maybe god's hate is better than his indifference
Which is worse, hell or nothing?

-Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) Fight Club

When you master honesty
You can penetrate your truth
Very deeply
You begin to see yourself
As you are
Without delusion


End of fucking dreams.