Missy Jubilee. 062.2 Nymphette (the 7" Darker Shorter version of Nymph)

When I first considered telling this part of my story, I imagined 2 films - the first with all the perspective, exposition and narrative discovery I have looking back on the event, and my understandings of what motivations/events got me there - with the second film being just about the memory with no context. Just as someone who had no experience of me or my history would have experienced my memory - in isolation

I don't plan to do this with every film, and have only done a shorter version of the main episode once before - for 'Requiem'

However, this is a cornerstone episode, and I chart my decline from this point on

Intent, motivation & action first raise their ugly heads

Due to the difference in the musical score, I get a more sinister, less innocent undertone to my thinking in the shorter version

Perhaps that is what I hide from

Perhaps this is why this film exists

To make me see me

Without any justification

"Innocence is in the eye of the beholder"